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Episode 31:  How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?

As financial advisors who specialize in retirement planning, the most common question we hear from people who are considering making the leap into their golden years is, “How much money do I need to have to retire?” And, the truth is…it depends.  It depends on a multitude of circumstances each unique to the individual, and…
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Episode 30: 3 Primary Life Events Women Face that Can Lead to Financial Distress

In this episode, Patrick shares how to plan and prepare for 3 life events women could face that can lead to a financial disaster.
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Episode 29:  How to Prepare Financially for the Death of a Spouse

Nobody wants to think about their spouse passing.  But, putting a plan in place financially for this scenario is one way to ensure that your spouse will be taken care, and maintain financial independence…should something happen to you.  Listen in as Patrick discusses how to prepare financially for the death of a spouse.
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Episode 28: Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Before I Retire

For most people, their largest monthly expense is their mortgage payment, so it makes sense to consider, and even want to, remove that cost when moving into retirement.  But, is that the right decision to make?  Listen in as Patrick answers the question, “Should I pay off my mortgage before I retire?
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